Thursday, September 26, 2013

you did it

We sat across from each other in the coffee house, our eyes not quite meeting, feeling watched by all the people around us.  I held my hot cup of chai tea and tried to smile. He was a great guy, but the chemistry just wasn't right.  This was just so awkward, and we both knew it, deep down.

"So I've been thinking about school," he began, after taking a sip of his hot chocolate. "I mean, my mom wants me to go to Moody, but you know I've also been thinking about law school. I mean, I know it's eight years, but I would definitely be able to provide for us that way, and I think that..."

He went on, discussing the options, the expectations, the things that might be beneficial for me.

But never once did he mention what HE wanted.

Now, I knew what that was.  He had briefly mentioned it a few other times before.  It was his real dream, and I knew it.  But he couldn't admit it.  He was very kind, deeply generous, and thoughtful.  He put everyone else before himself.  And I admired that.  But this was one of those rare times when that wasn't actually the right or healthy thing to do.  He just couldn't see it.

"... and where I go to school is important because if it's far away then how could we -"

I finally interrupted. "Stop. What do YOU want?" I looked right at him and kept his gaze.  This was important.

He look back at me, both surprised by my interruption and afraid to answer my question.

I repeated my question. "What do YOU want?  Not what your mom wants, or what you think I want you to want, or what you think is potentially good for us. YOU. What do YOU want?"

He took a breath and shyly stated, "I want to be a commercial airline pilot."

"Then do it." I said.

"But I - " he tried to interject.

"Do it! You can do this! If you want to be a commercial airline pilot, you go and be a commercial airline pilot.  Do what you love.  Chase your dream - not someone else's."

After a long pause, he responded.

"Okay." He smiled and took another sip of his hot chocolate, and we sat together in silence.

It wasn't another week before we broke up.  But even after parting ways, I always believed in him.  I knew that as long as he kept fighting for what HE wanted, he could do it.  And as the years went by, and I watched the updates from afar, I saw a man who was fighting for what he wanted.  And he was winning.

And then today, as I scrolled down the webpage, the update of all updates apeared. My eyes got larger and my heart skipped a beat.  There it was.  He had done it.

You did it, friend. You did it. I am so proud of you and happy for you.  I always knew you could. From afar, my heart celebrates with yours.  I know God will use you and your gifts to bring glory to His name.

So proud.  So happy.  Friend, you did it.

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