Monday, February 3, 2014

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

Hi guys! Well, it's one of my last days of break before my LAST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE! (Holla at yo girl.) and I think just the right time to write another blog inspired by Avoiding Atrophy. So without further adieu:

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

1. I hate mashed potatoes.

You know that American classic? The thing everyone eats with their meat and vegetables, and drizzles buckets of gravy over every Thanksgiving?  Yeah, I can't stand 'em. I literally think they are super gross. The taste, smell, texture - everything. Blech!  And wouldn't you know it - my entire family LOVES them.  That made for some torturous meals in my childhood.  One of the happiest days of my life (no joke) was when my mother told me I didn't have to eat mashed potatoes anymore. I was like,

2. I don't want to be famous.

Yes, I'm majoring in Music Theatre. Yes, I do shows all the time.  No, I do not want to walk into Target for hair mousse and iTunes gift cards and be recognized by everyone. And I certainly don't want people to see me on the street and go,

3. I've never had chicken pox.

Now before I say anything else, PUH-LEASE pretty PLEASE don't comment on this post all, "You are going to get it when you're 40 and DIE." or "Why didn't your mother bring you over to your friends' houses when *they* had it??" Because, 1. No I'm not. Cool your jets. And 2. Because my mother isn't an evil woman intent on me catching a really unpleasant virus THAT'S WHY.  Also, when I was like 2, I had Hand Foot Mouth, which is very similar.  Also, some people never get it. And NO I wasn't ever vaccinated. Calm down. I'll be fine. .... Really!

4. I waited until I was 18 to piece my ears.

I don't know why I wai--- okayyy that's a lie. I waited because I was a big baby. That's why. I was worried it would hurt and I would cry in front of all the 13-year-olds in Claire's and it would be embarrassing.  It ended up not hurting in the slightest, I didn't cry, and I was accompanied by my sister and some dear friends who were very supportive and only laughed a little when I requested to have both ears done at the same time.

The day I got my ears pierced. Look at smiley 18-year-old me! I apparently really liked pink. Oh wait.. I still do. :)
5. One of my dreams is to sing with a live band for someone's wedding reception.

Essentially, all I want to do is cover this album with a kick-butt jazz pianist, and an even more kick-butt tenor to sing track 5 with me.

What about you? Any fun facts about yourself you'd like the world to finally know?

P.S. For your enjoyment, I just wanted you all to know that I searched "homeschoolers" on a gif website and this was the ONLY thing that came up. Not even kidding.


  1. If one is famous they can influence the mindsets of many people. This influence could be viewed as a boon, responsibility, task, or pain in the behind.

    Chicken Pox! ME TOO :)

    Renee Olstead hmm, currently opening myself to an artist of whom I was previously unaware. If you don't mind me being so bold; might I suggest a blog focusing on songs you love to listen to on replay?

    Mashed potatoes do have a texture which to some is understandably unappealing. Yet I remain a fanatic. Can I have your next portion of mashed potatoes? I'd prefer it delivered jn a sealed container with one day delivery from either FedEx or UPS.

    All I can say about this blog is..... it's.... fabulous!

    1. Luke! Best comment ever!! Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! Now to respond to each of your points:

      1. This is very true. I've been thinking a lot lately about the influence I have over people, and it's both encouraging and sobering. I often wonder how good I'd be at maintaining the kind of influence I'd want to have over people if I was famous. (I mean, I certainly *hope* so, but it does beg the question - "could I?")

      2. Ahhh! I love how many people are responding to this blog with "me too!" Makes me feel so much less like an alien species and so much MORE like a member of the "I'm cool because I've never had the chicken pox" club.

      3. She is great! Just not crazy-well-known, which is probably why you've never heard of her. I haven't listened to her other album(s?), but just LOVE her first one. I think she's definitely worth a listen! And you *may* be so bold. That is such a great, fun idea for a blog! I am totally going to write it, per your request, and per the fact that I think it will be way fun.

      4. They sure do. I don't understand why people like them. That being said, if the opportunity ever arises, you can totally have my next portion of mashed potatoes - though I have to say I do a really good job of avoiding them, so the chances of you receiving such a delivery are slim to none.

      Thanks again for the comment! Made me smile!


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