Monday, April 21, 2014

10 Things Guaranteed to Make Me Laugh: A Monday Pick Me Up

Hi everybody! It's Monday! And if you're like me, you're probably still in some sort of food and/or candy coma from yesterday, so I figured we all needed a little pick me up. Here are 10 things guaranteed to make me laugh - hopefully you'll chuckle or maybe even guffaw at least once reading this.

1. This brilliant summation of Romeo and Juliet:


2. A little movie called "She's the Man"


(Winces in pain)

"I write songs, too, Olivia:

"High five - nice."

I could post a million more - but we'll continue.....

3. This show:

4. Come on, you guys knew this was coming.

5. This exchange:

6. This moment from "Elf." (Cue the happy-go-lucky instrumental version of Sleigh Ride):


8. Rory and Lorelai Gilmore

10. Shawn and Gus

It wasn't until I was about halfway along that I realized this is all movies and TV shows. I hope you're laughing instead of judging my media consumption.

What about you? What makes you laugh no matter what?

Happy Monday!

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