Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Updates... Had me a blaa-aast....

Hello friends!

First, if you didn't get my song reference.... you should have.

Second, Wow, it's been about a million years since I've blogged. Okay... 2ish months. But in the blog world, that's pretty ridiculous. What have I been up to/what am I up to now, you ask? Well....

1. I graduated from college!!!

Definitely a selfie-worthy moment.
After 4 long years, I completed my degree in music theatre. It was a long run, but I'm proud of what I accomplished and so thankful to the many people along the way that kept me going when I was ready to give up.  There is definitely a much more detailed post with post-college thoughts coming soon. For now I simply say,   I GRADUATED, YO!

2. Summer. Camp. Glory.

When it comes to my favorite things ever... teaching summer camp for Spotlight Youth Theater is in my Top 5, no question. I just taught three straight weeks of camp, including a week at Judson for Project Dance camp (aka, the best week of my LIFE) and am gearing up for High School Overnight Camp next week. #goblueteam Everything about it is fun, and there is no better place to be silly and ridiculous while learning about Jesus, honing theatre skills, and creating beautiful things. If there is any place that I feel fully myself, it's at Spotlight camp. While I try to be genuinely myself wherever I am, there's just something about Spotlight camp that makes me come alive. So if you want to see the realest, most uninhibited me, come spend a day at camp with me.  You just might catch me doing an interpretive dance to "I See the Light" with a white garbage bag for a giant lantern.

What a fun week with these 9 crazies. We sure missed the other 5, but we truly had a blast.
Goodness I love them.

3. Summer Voice Studio!

After a season away so I could like, graduate and stuff, I'm finally back teaching voice. I forgot how much fun it is to work one on one with students and see awesome vocal progress. Tonight I had my first several students of the summer and will see more on Wednesday. Exciting!

(I promise I'm nicer than she is.)

That's it for now. Also, get excited, because tomorrow I'm going to announce/present the first installment of a new weekly fun-day on the blog!

Rock on, lovelies! Happy Summer!


  1. Wow what a world wind of a year so far. If I didn't say it, congratulations on graduating. So excited and proud of you. Hope all is going well.

    1. Thanks so much, Andy! I am doing really well! Whirlwind is a very appropriate word choice, but honestly --- would I have it any other way? ;) I hope you're doing well!

    2. As well as can be. Insomnia is keeping me up tonight, so I am looking over my own blog and preparing a new post. But why are you up? It's almost 1am... Seriously get some sleep...haha. Glad you are doing well, and Whirlwind, that is what I meant. Ah sleep lacking brain, work better next time. haha :-)


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